Celebs & Their Senior Parents At The Same Age – They Inherited Wealth And Anti-Aging Genes

The parents of these beautiful celebs may be seniors today, but at one point, they were just as beautiful as their celeb children. These celebs inherited wealth as well as good looks from their famous parents. You won’t believe how similar they look to their parents at the same age. You won’t even be able to tell some of these apart.

Gigi Hadid & Yolanda Hadid At Age 18

Gigi Hadid is now a successful supermodel,  just like her mom, Yolanda Hadid. Both are so beautiful, no wonder the fashion industry have welcomed them with plenty of modeling opportunities. Gigi’s current net worth is $13 million. It would not be surprising if we suddenly hear about her plans of investing her money in stocks sooner or later. Today, Yolanda Hadid is 55 years old. She won’t have to worry about a retirement home because she can afford any home she wants.

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