These Smart Shoes Can Save Your Grandparents Lives

We all know that senior’s main risk of living alone is tripping without anyone knowing. If you fear for your parents or grandparents being left alone needing help for hours without anyone knowing, this shoe is the perfect solution for you. The concept is easy but the product is genius! Seniors often don’t want to live in retirement homes, they want to be independent. We don’t blame them. With these new shoes created by CES, they now can.

The Shoe

The E-Vone footwear has special technology that alerts family members if the person wearing the shoes trips. The shoes are of the highest quality designed for ultimate comfort and style. There are many different designs to suit any senior.

So you’re probably asking yourself where you can sign up. Right? Well, unfortunately the product which has already achieved high demand is not yet available for purchase. Keep an eye out because according to a rep at E-Vone, the shoes are expected to become available in the next six months.

The price tag of these life saving shoes will be between $100 and $150 purchasing price. On top of the shoe price there will also be a monthly fee of $20 for the alarm system. Another option for people who don’t want to pay for the shoe up front would be to pay a $30 monthly fee. The shoe release date has not been revealed yet but we hope they won’t keep us waiting too long. It is going to save lives!