Celebs Who Left Us Too Soon: They Didn’t Have Time To Leave A Will Behind And Their Attorneys Struggled With Their Life Insurance

People don’t usually talk about death but the reality is – death is an inevitable destiny. When popular people like Hollywood celebrities pass away, it’s usually all over the news. There are some celebrities who leave this world behind without the media even noticing, like the ones on this list. Some left this world way too young and didn’t even have time to leave behind a will. Find out which celebs passed away without leaving a will behind and had their attorneys struggle with their life insurance. You probably didn’t even realize most of these celebs are no longer with us!

Richard Griffiths

Richard Griffiths played the role of Harry Potter’s uncle, Uncle Vernon. He was also a well-known stage actor. He passed away when he was 65 years old because of complications after undergoing a heart surgery.  Hopefully, he had his will taken care of by his lawyer for his family’s sake. He had a lot of money in his bank account that he earned from acting in Harry Potter.